High Quality Farmland

Recessions and depressions. Fiscal cliffs and debt ceilings. Taxation, deflation, hyperinflation, mortgage crises, unemployment. Fiat money produced out of thin air at an unprecedented pace. There seems to be no end to the scary news these days, particularly when it comes to the economy and financial markets.

What's a sane, responsible person to do in the midsts of such chaos? Invest in land abroad.

The era of cheap food is over. Supply of available farmland is diminishing each year, due to development, loss of topsoil, peak production yields, and reduction in fresh water supply.

Global fundamentals point to food prices rising every year, the worse case scenario is severe shortages. One solution is buying farmland overseas. It provides an excellent hedge against inflation, plus it's one of the best (and most private) ways to move money abroad, out of the jurisdiction of your home government.

Farmland produces yield, ensures that you have a steady food supply, and even provides a place to stay in case you ever need to leave your home country.
The available properties are cheap, relatively flat (lowering operating cost), highly productive soil, low potential risk (confiscation, regulation, market interference), foreigner friendly ownership rules and climatic stability.

Dominica is on an upwards trajectory trend, with the opening of new infrastructure, electricity and water all bordering these three estates. If you believe that out of control money printing and world population demographics will contribute to significant food price inflation in the coming years owning farmland is one of the smartest investments you can make.

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Brantridge Estate Twenty-two Acres (958,320, SqFt)
Price Reduced US2.00 per SqFt
U$40,000.00 Per Acre
U$827,000.00 Bitcoin 295.04

Located in the central region of the island. Five minutes from the Morne Trois Piton National Park-World Heritage site, Emerald Pool Eco-Tourism site, spectacular view of Morne Trois Piton second tallest mountain to south, Morne Diablotin tallest mountain to the north, the central forest reserve and segments 5 and 6 of the Waitukubuli National Trail, source of the Penrice Twin Falls(aka Spanny Falls; two tributaries' meanders through the property with pristine crystal waters.
Elevation approximately 100 ft asl. Mature Rain Forest.
Most of the primary timber species can be found on this property, e.g. Gommier (Dacryodes Excelsa), Chataignier (Sloanea app), Bwa Bande(Richeria Grandis), Carapite(Amanoa Caribaea), Bwa Diable (Licania Terntensis), Bwa Cote(Tapura latifolia), Mowsif (Brysonima martinicensis),a live rare lowyed rose (Phoebe Elongata) tree can also be found there-actual coppice from a parent host. A number of both ground and arboreal Orchids can also be found.
The fauna of the property is reflective of those found in similar localities e.g, parrots,agouti,manicou,mangrove coco, insects and fresh water crabs.
It should be noted that this property is comprised of timber species that are of commercial value and can be utilized for production of timber or high/light construction furniture and craft.
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Patville Estate Twenty-Three Acres (1,001,880 SqFt)
Price Negotiable US2.00 per SqFt
U$40,000.00 Per Acre
U$920.000.00 Bitcoin 328.22

Owner will consider sale of a minimum of one acre if desired. Property located in the central region of the island. One minute from the Central Forest Reserve and Central Forest Range. Segments 5 and 6 of the Waitukubuli National trail are also within close proximity.
Five minutes from the former Wet Area Agricultural Research Station. Twenty minutes from Melville Hall Airport. Fifteen minutes from the Kalinago Territory-the indigenous Amerindian community.

Relatively flat with undulating gentle slopes.
Approximately 1500ft asl
Water Courses
There are three (3) vigorous pristine streams flowing through the property; one of the tributaries of Layou River (the island's longest) caresses the western boundary. There is evidence of fumarole activity in one of those streams. There are also a few natural springs originating at various points in the earth within the property.
Forest Type
Most of the primary timber species can be found on this property, e.g., Gommier (Dacryodes), Chataignier (Sloanea app), Carapite (Amanoa Caribaea), Bwa Blanc (Simarouba amara) etc..
The estate is cultivated with a number of agricultural crops such as citrus, coconuts, bananas, breadfruit, root crops, exotic fruits, cacao, coffee etc

There is a solid concrete house with a garage, a wooden house with storage shed, packing shed; these are distributed strategically within the property.
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Pagayea Estate Thirty-five Acres (1,524,600 SqFt)
Price US3.50 per SqFt
U$51,000.00 Per Acre
U$1,800,000.00 Bitcoin 714.92

Pagayea is beautiful, lush, peaceful and filled with innovative concepts to provide a model of sustainable living where people can visit to learn, rejuvenate their spirit or just have fun. Owner will consider sale of a minimum of one acre if desired. Property is situated in a rural agricultural setting with a river.
Modestly priced, this land is perfect for the prospective investor/developer. Resort/ hotel, condo, villa, home sites, time shares, parks, gardens and or heritage sites are all part of the endless possibilities Pagayea Estate offers.
This property is located forty-five minutes from the Capital City Roseau and fifty minutes from the island's main airport. The site is very private, yet accessible. The property is a mix of organic soil near the river and sand and clay at the top perfect for any commercial interest for establishing a quarry on the island.