Ownership Requirements

Citizens of Dominica and members of the Eastern Caribbean States ("OECS") do not require an alien land holding license to own land in Dominica.

The OECS states are:
Anguilla - Antigua - British Virgin Islands - Dominica - Grenada - Monsterrat - St.Kitts & Nevis - St.Lucia - St.Vincent & The Grenadines.

If you are not a citizen of these states you will need to obtain an alien landholding license to own more than one (1) acre of land for residential purposes of three (3) acres for business purposes.

At present a license is required to purchase more than one acres of land for residential and three acres for commercial. A purchaser who who is a citizen of a non OECS country will have to pay an additional 10% Alien Land Holding License Fee.

Below the stipulated acreage, Government requires all such persons to pay the additional 10% fee notwithstanding that a License is not required.

If you are a member of a CSME STATE (Caribbean Single Market Economy) unless you are also an OECS National the Alien Land Holding Provisions apply to you when buying land.
Transfer Fees payable by the purchaser are made up as follows:
4% Stamp Duty
2.5% Judicial Fees
1% Assurance Fund
3% Legal Fees

The vendor has to pay 2.5% stamp duty on the market value of the land being sold.

If you purchase above one (1) acre for residential or three (3) acres for business you have to apply for an Alien Land holding license and if granted you will pay the additional 10% on the market value of the land.

For these purposes land includes whatever is on the land.

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Dominican Citizenship by ownership

A second passport is a really useful insurance policy in the event of things like social unrest, political turmoil, major lawsuit, economic collapse, etc… eliminates the need for an alien land holding license for owning land in Dominica. As the world continues into monetary purgatory, demand for such things is on the rise.

Citizenship by investment programs have existed for quite some time, the most famous of which are in St.Kitts/Nevis (about $285,000 total expense for a single applicant $340,000 per couple) and Dominica
($135,000 - $215,000 for a single and a couple respectively).

An application will result in citizenship for one family (applicant, spouse and two unmarried dependant children). In addition to standard documentary requirements (passports, birth and marriage certificates, police clearance, etc.) it is necessary that the applicant makes a contribution to the economy of Dominica, which takes the form of a non-refundable cash payment.

One of the most important principles in international diversification is to stay ahead of the crowd, not run with it.

Major benefits of Dominican citizenship

- Heavenly peaceful island of Dominica with kind-hearted and friendly inhabitants
- Citizenship for life - for applicant and eligible members
- Very affordable: The ideal choice with low cost
- Visa-Free Travel - to more than 100 countries including United Kingdom, Singapore and m oct British Commonwealth member countries. Where a visa is required, they are relatively easy to obtain.
- English language: English as an official language
- Confidentiality: No information to the country of your current citizenship or residency

Dominica has been called the "greenest" jewel of the Caribbean. Unlike most of the other islands, the island is of volcanic origin and comprises a land of steep and ruged mountains (Mt. Diabolitin rises 4,747 feet), verdant countryside, lush rain forests with wildlife, and plenty of rainfall. The island lies in the middle of the eastern chain of islands which enclose the Caribbean Sea. The grey Atlantic lies to the eastern side and the blue Caribbean to the west. It boasts a fresh water lake, a boiling lake, sulfur springs, cascading waterfallls and as many rivers as days of the year. The flora and fauna is unparalled and the it is truly an island of breathtaking beauty.

Dominica is one of the last islands to grow economically and as the concept of eco-tourism becomes more popular, there has been more and more small hotels and resorts being built to accomodate the growing influx of visitors. There is improved infrastructure and communications, a stable government and support for external organizations are contributing to making the country attractive to outside investment. The people are warm and friendly and the opportunities for business and development is unlimited.

The Dominican government has its Citizenship by ownership plan, individuals will be able to invest a minimum of US$200,000 into land/buildings and obtain all the benefits mentioned above, granted to those who obtain Dominican citizenship. Purchasing now will give the opportunity to build your residence/holiday home in the future and obtain all the benefits.
By purchasing either the whole 93 acre plots or an individual plot, purchasers will have the benefit of acquiring land at a level much lower than will be possible after the new plans for citizenship by ownership become law. We can assist with all development of the land for individual properties or for just one or two large residences.
It is possible to purchase the land without visiting the island, although when the new plans become law you will need to visit once for interview to obtain the second passport.